Investors from Dubai purchased Hepok Winery 

August 31, 2016 3:30 PM

hepokInvestors from Dubai purchased 94.8 percent of shares of the winery Hepok Mostar through an over-the-counter (OTC) transaction.

Therefore, new owner of Hepok Mostar became the society for investing in agriculture “Zeraa Agriculture Investment” Ltd. Sarajevo.

Transaction was worth 4.2 million BAM and previous owners of Hepok were Amko Komerc (69.2 percent) and Vino Župa (25.5 percent).

The partner group Amko Komerc and Vino Župa purchased the tottering Hepok for 2.74 million BAM in 2008 and assumed the obligation to invest another 21.6 million BAM in the company.

Hepok owns the vineyard where 550 hectares of area were cultivated in the past period. Vineyard Željuša, owned by Hepok, is known as the largest vineyard in BiH and broader, and around 400 hectares of new seedlings were cultivated there in the past period. Hepok also owns one vineyard in the vicinity of Blagaj, covering 100 hectares of area.

“Zeraa Agriculture Investment” is a company whose owners are from Dubai and their first acquisition in BiH was Bosnaplod Brčko. They bought the company for 6 million BAM in 2015.

Director of the BBI Bank Amer Bukvić, one of the procurators of “zeraa Agriculture Investment”, earlier expressed satisfaction with the fact that precisely Sarajevo Business Forum and the BBI VIP Club launched this exceptionally positive story for the BiH economy. The new investor has already invested 5 million BAM in Bosnaplod, with the aim to enable the procurement of modern equipment.



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