Investment in Horticulture, Metal Processing, Textile-What Does Kozarska Dubica Offer Potential Investors?

Kozarska_Dubica“Satisfied Investor-Best Recommendation’ is the motto that guides leaders in Kozarska Dubica when it comes to attracting potential investors in the business zone “Lipova Grada”.

Guided by this motto, local leaders are directing resources to provide all the necessary conditions for the arrival of investors. “Lipova Grada” is around 69 hectares and was formed in 2010. It is divided in two parts, one is 48 hectares and the other is 21 hectares.

Some have already recognized the advantage of investing in this zone, and so one year ago a factory for processing of fruits and vegetables ‘Eko-bel’ was opened. One month afterwards, it bought a third parcel.

The capacity of this business zone was recognized by Italian investors last year, from the sector of the production of plastic, sporting, textile and metal industries. This was a signal for one Italian to consider to start a project in Kozarska Dubica to initiate regeneration of plastic materials.

An agreement was signed between “Lipova Grada” and the Italian company International Bridge Consulting to work on the promotion of investing in “Lipova Grada”

Investors from the United Arab Emirates were also interested in what Kozarska Dubica offers. This year in May, Sheik from Abu Dhabi Mohammad bin Saqr bin Mohammad Al Qassimi visited the municipality, the companies Unaplod and Nova Mehanika, and the owner of Dubikoton conveyed his good experience with foreign investments.

Before this visit, Turks from the area of Bursa visited in May. Turks and local business people recognized horticulture, metal industry and transport as some of the areas that could serve for mutual cooperation and investment.

Kozarska Dubica is one of the eight municipalities in BIH with which Bursa, the strongest industry in Turkey, plans to establish economic cooperation.


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