Interesting Story about medical Miracle that happened in BiH

February 7, 2018 11:45 AM

Three months ago, a young couple from Mostar, Blazenko and Anamarija Martinovic, became lucky parents of identical triplets. According to doctors, this is a real medical sensation, which happens in one of 200 million pregnancies.

“When I came home and told them that we will get triplets, nobody could believe it, because I told them before that that we will get twins and they kept kidding that I should not go to my next doctor’s appointment, because they might tell me that we will get quadruplets,” said Anamarija Martinovic, happy mom of these beautiful girls.

Everything went just fine, and Anamarija gave a birth to three healthy little girls, Antea, Izabela and Renea. Despite the odds of 1: 200 million, babies without any deformations came to this world.

“I am so proud, it is amazing. When they came home I realized that I am a father of these three beautiful little girls, and the more they grow, the more I feel happiness, especially after we found out that they are identical. You cannot believe it, it is simply God’s blessing,” noted Blazenko Martinovic, father of these little girls.

“I watched a movie for two hours, and I thought that Renea was sleeping on me, but I realized that it was not Renea but Antea, and Renea was sleeping in the room for the entire time,” said happy father.

All three of them are identical. They differentiate them only by their weight and feelings.

The birth of triplets is not so unusual by itself but it is really rare when they are identical. The fun for a young couple, as they said, will start when they grow up and enter puberty. Triple trouble, but also a that much greater happiness.

(Source: Djenana Kaminic/N1)


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