Interesting: Microworld on Pencils by Artist Jasenko Djordjevic

Jasenko Djordjevic from Tuzla is an artist who creates miniature sculptures at the top of a graphite pencil. Motifs of the city of Tuzla prevail among the exhibited works, and Djordjevic created them during the last couple of months.

The world of each artist is special in its own way. However, the world Jasenka Djordjevic is truly amazing. His miniature people, buildings and other objects live their lives that their creator in micro graphite pencil gave them.

Awarded the Grand Prix at the Biennale Djordjevic is one of the few Europeans who are dealing with this particular kind of art – its micro transferred to a graphite pencil.

“Besides a graphite pencil, I also use a broad scope of scalpels and needles in my work. I usually do some final details under the magnifying glass, and I use my naked eye for the rest. The diameter of sculptures is between two and four millimeters and details on them are very small,” noted Djordjevic.

He needs a lot of patience, calmness and great eyesight for his works, which attracted a lot of attention in Tuzla. The majority of visitors are using magnifying glass to take a look at little sculptures, and there are also photographs on which the works are enlarged.


Only a few people in the world is dealing with this type of art, Djordjevic said.

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