Interested in Sevdah and Traditional Music? It’s Amira Medunjanin and Boško Jović Who Have all the Answers

Amira_Guardian“Maybe traditional music is not the most successful way to spread messages which would influence the society in total, but, if these tales and songs remained popular among the people for so many decades and centuries, then why shouldn’t we think about the messages they send to us?

This strength, beauty and softness they carry inside are in fact deep within ourselves too.We can achieve lots of things as individuals, but we should ask ourselves what motivates us and what is it that we really want as well. The cultural heritage of one country is its biggest treasure.” – said Amira Medunjanin, the diva of the BH traditional music, which published in June 2014 an excellent album entitled Silk & Stone.

From that day on, the album was praised by numerous critics across Europe.

Interested in hearing one of the songs from this wonderful album? Here is the link

Amira’s choice and her extraordinary interpretation, along with the brilliant band and great arrangements mostly signed by Bojan Zulfikarpašić (except two of them signed by Boško Jović) make this album one of the best post-war music products in B&H.

Without a doubt, this was Amira’s year. But, we must not forget Boško Jović who also had many reasons to be satisfied.

This guitar professor published his first solo album entitled Buđenje (Awakening) composed out of ten instrumental covers of traditional music from the Balkans.

So, if you enjoy listening our traditional music, try with these artists. These top musicians will surely help you discover great pleasure and the spirit of the past!


(Source: ST / Radio Sarajevo)

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