Institutions in Bosnia have no Information when donated Vaccines from Turkey will arrive

“We have no information that vaccines donated by Turkey have arrived in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” the Ministry of Civil Affairs confirmed to BHRT yesterday evening.

Only what we announced earlier arrived, and that is the AstraZeneca vaccines and the Covax mechanism.

Some media reported yesterday that the vaccines donated by Turkey arrived at Sarajevo airport on a flight from Istanbul.

BHRT also contacted Dusan Kojic, a member of the Coordination Team of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH and a person who works directly on this donation.

”I am not familiar with this, although I am working on that donation. If it is true, this would be a huge surprise, “Kojic said. The Public Health Institute of the Federation of BiH, which is in charge of storing and distributing vaccines to the cantons, could not confirm this information, because no one informed them about the arrival of 30,000 vaccines donated by Turkey.

To recall, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that his country would donate 30,000 doses of Covid-19 vaccine to BiH during a visit by members of the BiH Presidency to Ankara on March 16th. Delivery date is never specified.

Earlier today, the Turkish embassy confirmed to Avaz that the donation is expected in the coming days after the end of the procedure.

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