Institutions in BiH received Toyota Cars from the Government of Japan

toyotaAfter the Government of Japan handed over the first 40 cars to the Ministry of Civil Affairs from their generous donations in October last year, yesterday was held the ceremony of delivery of the remaining 80 cars (Toyota Rav 4).

Within this grant, the Government of Japan provided 500 million JPY or approximately 7.2 million BAM to the Council of Ministers of BiH. The aim of this grant is the purchase of 40 vehicles that use environmentally clean diesel and 80 hybrid vehicles for BiH.

A total of 40 vehicles of Toyota RAV 4 that use clean diesel were handed over in October last year, and at yesterday’s ceremony were handed over the remaining 80 hybrid vehicles to BiH. The total number of donated vehicles is 120.

The final beneficiaries of this grant are social welfare institutions throughout BiH. The Ministry of Civil Affairs will distribute 80 hybrid vehicles to 80 institutions in the FBiH, the RS and Brcko District. The users of this grant are socially vulnerable categories, such as people with disabilities and the elderly citizens. It should also be noted that the Government and people of Japan are the biggest donors after the war in BiH.

Moreover, vehicles that are using ecologically pure diesel and hybrid vehicles represent environmentally friendly vehicles. They are the result of Japan’s most advanced technology and therefore are called “vehicles of the new generation”.


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