Information Centre for BiH Diaspora Census needs to be formed

Consulting sector of Medical Care Group from Stuttgart, which is one of the most successful companies from this sector in Germany, whose owner is BiH citizen Sead Graf Kozličić and Association of Citizens of BiH in Germany have sent a letter to all relevant institutions in BiH in which they propose opening the information centre for BiH 2013 census for citizens that live in Diaspora, said to FENA chief of MCG Consulting Haris Halilović.

Halilović said that the information centre should be formed in Germany that has the largest BIH Diaspora. This centre would have the task to work on the issues of the census from 1 May till the beginning of the census in October.

The letter also states that there are more than 1 million BiH citizens in the Diaspora, and 250 000 are in Germany alone, 160 000 have BiH citizenship.

He emphasizes that according to article 40 of the Law on Census, Diaspora will be listed with special forms which will available at the website of BIH Statistics Agency and that BIH Diaspora should fill those forms and send it via mail.

According to that, BiH Diaspora will not be a part of census, at least not the majority of it, and that’s why BiH Diaspora is very dissatisfied with the census.

Information Centre which would be centred in Germany, and coordinated by Statistics Agency or other competent institutions of BIH would offer the citizens all the necessary info concerning the census, and that body should work on promoting the census.

The letter further states that this move would bring back the trust in BiH institutions as well as the feeling that BiH, a mother country of Diaspora, has not forgot them and abandoned them.

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