Impressive Jump from the Old Bridge in Mostar into freezing Neretva River (VIDEO)

March 2, 2018 8:00 AM

Mostar woke up with a snow cover yesterday, and a jump from the Old Bridge performed by a courageous member of the Mostar Club of Jumpers was especially impressive.

Cameraman of the City Television from Mostar, Adil Baralija, managed to record this jump, which became a real hit on social networks.

“I’m still not sure who was the jumper, but I believe that it was Semir Kazazic Miro,” said Adil Baralija.

Jump from this height, along with the snow and the temperature just a bit below zero, is really rare, but it is also very dangerous. Luckily, the brave jumper managed to successfully perform the jump and he got out from the ice-cold Neretva River.

Take a look at this impressive jump in the video.

(Source: R. D./


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