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Igor Turkusic, the founder of SF Walker Coaching from San Francisco, to hold a Workshop in Sarajevo

On Wednesday, 29thAugust, 2018 Igor Turkusic, the founder of SF Walker Coaching from San Francisco is going to hold a workshop about the importance of breathing in public speaking and stressful situations. Turkusic´s workshop falls under the organization of Toastmasters Sarajevo and will be held in HUB387 at 18:00 o’clock.

Turkusic has walked and worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, teachers, healers, creators, movers and people from numerous disciplines. With that experience, he built up the concept of how to synchronize mind, body and soul to achieve more and share one’s inner voice with the world.
The workshop on Wednesday is for people who want to make an impact, grow, and contribute with their gifts, talents, and services. The concept is a result of public speaking knowledge and the principles of SF Walker Coaching.

The workshop will give you an opportunity to learn the breathing techniques to conquer stage fright and stress and answer on the question of what filler words are and how to avoid them. Additionally, Mr. Turkusic will explain the importance and application of pauses in an effective speech.

As mentioned, the organizer of the workshop is Toastmasters Sarajevo. Toastmasters Sarajevo falls under the umbrella of Toastmasters International, a non-profit educational organization that teaches public speaking and leadership skills through a worldwide network of clubs and members.

So, take the chance, get free coaching, and get to know the organization behind it this Wednesday, 29th August, 18:00 hosted at HUB387, Networks Sarajevo, Skenderpasina Street Number 1.

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