Igman Company started production of Gun Ammunition

The Igman company from city of Konjic, has released a new facility for the production of gun ammunition on Wednesday.

After his visit, the Federal Prime Minister Fadil Novalic said that the new facility was the result of the FBiH government’s policy, which as the owner of Igman for the fourth year does not take the profit that the factory is making, but directs it to new investments, Federal News Agency reports.

“After this, other production lines will be modernized, and the Federation will not profit from Igman this year, but it will be used to develop factories, new jobs, new technologies and new markets,”Novalic said.

adding that Igman was the first company to regulate its business, after it, Gineks from Gorazde, and currently Pretis in Sarajevo.

Director of Igman company, Džzhid Muratbegovic explained that seven million euros were invested in new plant, and that production capacity is 50 million bullets per year.

When completed, the new plant will employ around 100 out of a total of 1,173 Igman workers.



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