An idyllic German Village invites Bosnian Couples with Children to move there

ottenstein-germanyOfficials of one German village invite all interested young couples to come with their children and repopulate this place, where they will have a peaceful and comfortable life.

Due to increasingly older population, many smaller places in Germany, including the village Ottenstein in the north of Germany, are forced to close schools because there are not enough students.

According to the latest data by the UN, the number of residents in the country will reduce to 74.5 million by 2050.

Percentage of Germany under the age of 15 might fall to 13 percent, which would make Germany one of the countries with the lowest number of young people in the world. The number of people in Germany above the age of 60 might increase from 27 to 29 percent.

“Demographic changes are one of the biggest challenges of Germany,” said the Minister of Finances Wolfgang Schäuble earlier this year.

German authorities think that by accepting young couples with children they could solve the problem of the elderly population at least to some extent.

The website of German Embassy in Sarajevo also published that the City Administration of the village Ottenstein, Holzminden County, truly gives away municipal lots to young families with children. However, these families must build on the lots in the period of three years and pay costs of connections which are not negligible (connection to water supply network, sewerage, electricity, gas, landline, access road, etc.).

After all, construction of a house in Germany and costs of living, in general, are not cheap. In Ottenstein and the environs, there are a lot of vacancies in the field of medicine, gastronomy, and craftsmanship.

However, a working permit can only be issued if the acquired diploma from BiH is accepted in Germany. Only those who have high proficiency in the German language can find a job there.

(Source: biznisinfo.ba)

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