Humanitarian Association Pomozi.ba accepts Meat for Eid-al Adha

The Humanitarian Association Pomozi.ba is once again making a humanitarian action on the occasion of Eid al-Adha, and will receive and distribute meat to the most endangered population in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“For the reception of meat during Eid al-Adha, we have prepared eleven stationary refrigerators, of which six minus, two plus and three ‘shock’ chambers – with a total capacity of up to 300 tons. In addition to the stationary ones, there will also be five refrigerated trucks in operation. We will receive meat in three cities – Sarajevo (Stup – Azići 12), Travnik (Restaurant of Good Will – Školska bb) and Bihać (Restaurant of Good Will – Đačka bb),” it was announced from the Association Pomozi.ba.

One part of the received meat will be immediately donated by the team of the Pomozi.ba Association to socially endangered families, while a part will be used for the preparation of meals.

The Pomozi.ba team prepares about 1,000 ready-made meals for the elderly, sick and socially endangered people in their soup kitchens in Sarajevo, Travnik and Bihać every day, and the meat will be used in this case as well.

“In addition to our kitchens, we will donate meat to other public kitchens throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina,” is added from Pomozi.ba.

Given the situation with the coronavirus, in order for people to minimize movement and not have to stand in lines at banks, we have also enabled payments through our online platform www.pomoziba.org.

It is possible to deposit money from a bank card in just a few clicks. It is also possible to make payments through our standard accounts, with an indication of the purpose of ‘Kurban 2020’. The prices of the sacrificial animals are the same as in previous years – 250, 270 and 300 BAM, and they can be paid until July 31st , is stated in the announcement of the Pomozi.ba Association.

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