Humanitarian Ambulance for Uninsured People opened in Sarajevo

The humanitarian ambulance “Dr. Uzeir Skaka” was opened in the settlement of Bistrik in Sarajevo, at the adress Bakarevica Street 4. All healthcare workers will voluntarily provide their services to unemployed people or people without health insurance.

The medical association BIMA is providing their assistance to uninsured and unemployed people all over BiH on a voluntary basis for 20 years now. Some of the specialists who will offer their services to citizens in this ambulance are ophthalmologist, gynaecologist, paediatrician and internist. The opening of this institution was long-lasting dream of BIMA, as well as its first secretary and founder, Dr. Uzeir Skaka.

The medical association BIMA has more than 400 workers and volunteers at the moment, and they had different models of financing over the years. They received support from municipalities, and the opening of the humanitarian ambulance was helped by the City of Sarajevo.

“We are mostly financed through our numerous projects and we will try to do that now again, because services offered in this ambulance will be free of charge. However, we will be searching for ways to maintain this institution in the time where every legal entity has its expenditures,” as noted from this humanitarian ambulance.

“Since its establishment until today, BIMA conducted a total of 94 voluntary treatment activities at which 3821 people took part and spent 4 525 592 hours working. If converted into a work price, that would amount to 300 540 099 BAM. We are happy for doing this for our people and our BiH.”

“Our idea is original because we base our field work on improvised clinics where we provide health care services to returnees in schools, religious buildings and numerous other objects, and now we have an ambulance at last,” stated Mrkonja.

(Source: A. B./Klix.ba)







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