Humane Examples of Inhumane War: The Story of David and Rabija

February 16, 2018 11:45 AM

The project “Humane examples of inhumane war” by the portal “Frontal”, was started with the aim of presenting one side of the war that is behind us – the one that makes us humans, through nine stories from the territory of BiH.

Its aim is to forget about differences, prejudices, nationalism and hatred, and to motivate humanity, respect, and the beauty that comes with differences.

This is a story that represents a true reflection of real human fates, a story of neighbourly love and mutual respect of the family of David Gaon and Rabija Cehic in the war-time Sarajevo back in 1992. This story was told by Natasa Gaon, the granddaughter of David Gaon, who was killed back in December 1992.

“I saw my grandpa in April of 1992 for the last time, after which he stayed at Grbavica and we went to another part of Sarajevo,” said Natasa Gaon.

This story shows that there are good people in the war and difficult times, because despite all the difficulties, there are always people who are ready to stand up against everyone in order to help someone who needs the help.

“When that terrible man Batko came to Grubavica, he immediately captured aunt Rabija. My grandma told me that she was beaten so hard that her whole body was swollen. All the neighbourhood tried to help her, they collected all the alcohol they could find in the building to help her and make her bruises less painful. Then, my grandfather decided to hide aunt Rabija and her family in his apartment, since he believed that his name and surname would somehow protect her,” said Natasa.

However, Rabija had to escape with her family, two sons, a daughter in law and her newborn granddaughter Nina, in order to stay alive.

“That is the reason why I am telling you this story. There were some good people in those terrible years. I often say that I sometimes miss war, but not in the context of grenades and killings and death, but because we were better people, we were more humane. That is why I wanted to tell you an ordinary story of two ordinary people, my neighbour Rabija and my grandpa David,” stated Natasa Gaon.



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