HR Schmidt underscores importance of BiH Central Bank for stability and development

High Representative Christian Schmidt held a meeting today in Sarajevo with the Governor of the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina (CBBH), Senad Softić.

High Representative Schmidt expressed the necessity of a strong and independent CBBH, a Dayton institution that has safeguarded BiH’s monetary and financial sector stability since its establishment in 1997, thereby directly contributing to the country’s overall stability and development.

The interlocutors shared the view on the need to preserve and further build on these achievements, and on the importance of uninterrupted work of the CBBH governing structures for safeguarding the unimpeded ability of the CBBH to discharge its constitutional and legal obligations.

The High Representative also expressed his respect for the work of the CBBH that has earned public confidence throughout the country.

High Representative Christian Schmidt and CBBH Governor Senad Softić also welcome the offer of the Deutsche Bundesbank – the central bank of the Federal Republic of Germany – to strengthen its dialogue with the CBBH to further enhance the CBBH’s capacity to align with EU standards and to implement best practices in the central banking system in BiH.

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