HR Deputy: Bijeljina serves as an Example of Private Sector Development

Principal Deputy High Representative and Brčko Supervisor Michael Scanlan paid his first official visit to Bijeljina yesterday. During the visit, the PDHR met with the city’s leadership, Mayor Mićo Mićić, Speaker of the City Assembly Slaviša Marković, and Deputy Speaker Mustafa Gradaščević. He also met with representatives of religious communities, Bishop of Zvornik and Tuzla Fotije, and Chief Imam of the Islamic Community in Bijeljina, Samir Camić.

PDHR Scanlan inquired about socio-economic developments in Bijeljina, with special emphasis on the authorities’ efforts to address the everyday needs of the city’s residents, particularly in terms of public services and the opportunities for private sector growth to create new jobs.

“Bijeljina strikes me as a vibrant community committed to economic development and attracting investment, both local and foreign,” said Scanlan. “I had an opportunity to hear about the city’s efforts to foster a business-friendly environment, including through active outreach, the establishment of business zones, and the development of infrastructure.

In my meetings with the Mayor, Speaker and Deputy Speaker, as well as with Bishop Fotije and Effendi Camić, I was impressed with their commitment to promoting an atmosphere of tolerance, and a vision of a common prosperous future.”

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