The Government of FBiH decided on Distribution of 200 Million BAM from the IMF

At yesterday’s session in Sarajevo, the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina passed a Decision on the distribution of funds by cantons in the amount of 200 million BAM from the arrangement with the International Monetary Fund.

These funds represent assistance to the budgets of the cantons for the implementation of structural reforms, and for overcoming the social, economic and health consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic and for infrastructure projects.

Out of the total amount, 23,903,093 BAM were allocated to Una-Sana Canton, 7,601,971 BAM to Posavina, 38,928,152 BAM to Tuzla Canton, 31,878,226 BAM to Zenica-Doboj, 4,152,192 BAM to Bosnia-Podrinje, 22,278,273 BAM to Central Bosnia, Herzegovina-Herzegovina. Neretva 19,419,727 BAM, West Herzegovina 8,301,059 BAM Sarajevo 36,178,423 BAM and Canton 10 the amount of 7,358,882 BAM.

The distribution of funds to cantons in individual amounts was determined on the basis of the Decision on determining the criteria for distribution of funds set by the FBiH Budget for 2021 to the Federal Ministry of Finance “Current transfers to other levels of government and funds – CANTONS – funds from arrangements with IMF”, published in “Official Gazette of the Federation of BiH”, No. 69/21.

Pursuant to the Rulebook on the Manner of Payment, Affiliation and Distribution of Public Revenues in the FBiH, the Federal Government will transfer the allocated funds to the deposit accounts of the cantonal budget, which are obliged to submit reports on their expenditure to the Federal Ministry of Finance by 31.12.2022. years.

The Federal Ministry of Finance is in charge of the implementation of the Decision.

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