How much will cost the Project of the Fast Road Belgrade-Sarajevo?

Minister of Transport and Communications of BiH, Ismir Jusko, stated that the project of fast-road Belgrade – Sarajevo via Tuzla and Visegrad should cost around 3 billion EUR.

Minister Jusko stated that he will try to meet with Minister of Transport of Turkey, Ahmet Arslan, with the aim of obtaining concrete information on the way of financing sections of fast-road over Tuzla and Visegrad, i.e. what kind of loan is it, what are the conditions, what will be the grace period etc.

He stated that there is a misunderstanding in public whether a fast road or a motorway will be constructed, Jusko stated that both sections, Tuzla and Visegrad, will be fast roads because the frequency of cars does not exceed the figure of 10,000.

“We provided a total of 8 GB of written material to the Turkish delegation from the moment the Turkish delegation visited BiH for the first time. We managed to collect and submit all the necessary information and thus they managed to prepare a feasibility study,” stated Minister Jusko.

He also added that there was not enough time to discuss all issues regarding the construction of the fast road Sarajevo-Belgrade during the recent meeting with the Turkish delegation.

(Source: biznisinfo.ba)



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