How many Mosques were destroyed during the Aggression on BiH

13152673_1766359853600691_1946874639_nThe Islamic Community in BiH marks the 7th of May as the Day of mosques, in memory of the day in 1993 when the largest and most famous Banja Luka mosque – Ferhadija was demolished.

That day is marked as the day of remembrance on 614 mosques that were destroyed during the aggression on BiH.

According to the data of Islamic Community of BiH, a total of 218 masjids (Space for performing prayers), 69 mektebs (Islamic primary school), 4 tekijas, 37 tombs and 405 other facilities were destroyed as well.

In the territory controlled by the Army of RS was demolished a total of 534 mosques, while on the territory that was controlled by the HVO was destroyed 80 of them. More than 80 % of the 1,144 mosques, which existed in BiH before 1992, were destroyed or damaged.

(Source: nap.ba)

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