How Holidays used to look like back in ‘80s (Gallery)

[wzslider autoplay=”true” info=”true”]Absolutely everyone remembers their childhood holidays. The excitement when we would start a trip with our parents in the dawn in order to, apart from the crowd, avoid the heat. Back then, there was no air conditioning in the car, and the road trip to the sea would take forever. Literally. Stojadin and Jugic were incredibly slow, there was no highway, which is why the trip that today lasts for couple of hours, lasted all day long.

Mandatory equipment for the beach were rubber sandals with metal buckle that would get rusty after only 2 days of swimming, and those a bit older wore boroletes (slippers). However, we had special shoes for the evening, and we used to walk in the espadrilles. We remembered these and some other things in this small reminder on past holidays.

Enjoy in our gallery!


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