How Does BIH Use Modern Technology to Promote Tourism?

turisti-bihInternet sites and applications for smart phones can better promote the tourist potential of some countries. The use of modern technology are being increasingly used by BiH tourist agencies and people involved in the hospitality industry’’, according to ‘Slobodna Evropa’.

BiH recently received its first tourist guide in the form of applications for smart phones and tablets. In order to find it, it is necessary to type in ‘BIH Guide” on ‘Play Store’ or ‘iTunes’. This is a free application created by the organizations Oxfam and the tourist agency Green Visions. The project manager of Oxfram Ajna Galičić said that BIH Guide offers a lot of information to tourists, travelers and passers-by.

“For example, a short description of places to visit, all contacts, addresses, photographs, web sites. The application has many categories. These are attractions, on food and drink. Also, people can find accommodation, and there are some events, as well as Infopoints’’, said Galičić.

The electronic travel guide BIH Guide is a modern way to promote BIH tourist potential for foreigners, but also for domestic tourists that are not aware of what this country offers.

“We were not able to fathom how difficult it was to receive the phone number of a good restaurant, to know what is around the areas of Foča and Bihać, cities that are not as much visited as Mostar and Sarajevo. We have undertaken to provide as much information in one place, in a modern form that is available to everyone’’, said Galičić.

The tourist organization of Banja Luka is also preparing an application that will present to users of smart phones the tourist potential of the city on the Vrbas. It was previously available to self-service information desks and points with free Internet access.

(Source: ekapija.com)

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