How BH Passports are produced and why is it impossible to forge them?

January 8, 2020 3:45 PM


The Muehlbauer Company from Banja Luka, which is producing passports for citizens of BiH, stated that their product is simply impossible to falsify.

“The highest level of security due to polycarbonate protection in a passport is based on a laser engraving technology, and combined with a built-in color image in high resolution within the polycarbonate is just something that prevents falsification and removal of image and data. The technology of biometric passports is based on international ICAO standards. We are producing a passport within 24 hours. Quality and durability are guaranteed for at least 10 years thanks to polycarbonate, which is also economically favorable for our citizens, in comparison to most passports that are made of paper and their durability is 5 years. The technology that is used for the production of passports in BiH is one of the leading technologies in the world since it increases the security of the state. When we talk about the BH passport, no terrorists or anyone else has ever been found with the falsified passport of BiH, because falsification is impossible due to the highest level of security,” as stated from Muehlbauer from Banja Luka.

Another specific feature of BH passport is that it is produced in our country and there is no need for purchase from other suppliers. Moreover, passports do not have to be empty to be transported to BiH, which drastically reduces the risk of theft during the process of transport and storage.

Special technology with a colored image is inserted into the passport during the production of the page that contains passport data so that the passport of BiH is not produced empty (it has an image) and it is impossible to falsify it. This is a reason why many governments around the globe are increasingly interested in this technology, especially in countries that have very high migration rates.

Professor Dusko Vejnovic from the University of Banja Luka noted that “the fact that BiH was protected from illegal migrants who used the Balkan route in the previous period was precisely thanks to the passport of high-security quality”.

“BiH was neither a target nor a transit route. This passport gives high security to citizens of BiH and a high reputation to the institutions of BiH among EU institutions, which was confirmed by numerous international institutes,” stated Professor Vejnovic.

Passport of BiH can be defined as the leader of new technology. Another country with similar technology is Germany and they introduced this type of passport in 2016 or three years after BiH. The process of the production of passports in BiH where the image is embedded in polycarbonate material in combination with laser engraving does not provide an empty passport but a pre-personalized one with a color image of a passport user that cannot be removed or misused by a third person.



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