How a Bosnian got the Idea for a Product that is famous all around the World?

April 11, 2018 3:00 PM

Company “” is dealing with the production of unique and handmade products like rugs made of fur, which are designed and produced in BiH and sold at high prices all around the world. The story of the beginnings of this successful company is very interesting.

The creator of this story is Samir Jusufovic, the owner and director of the company He went from BiH to Sweden at the beginning of the 1990’s, but his heart always dragged him back to Bosnia.

He got the idea while driving through BiH, where he had the opportunity to see improvised stands near the road at which are sold products made of leather and fur. One day, he decided to visit some of those booths on the road Sarajevo-Zenica.

However, it was very hard in the beginning. They worked with five or six suppliers. Samir wanted to offer as many “Made in BiH” products to the Western market as possible, and his requirements for quality were very high.

“I explained them that, if we want to achieve the success, our product must have a unique design and survive at least 10 years in some home in London, Stockholm or New York. Today, we work with two manufacturers from Visoko and they fulfil the world criteria of design and quality,” stated Samir.

All products by are inspired by Bosnia and Orient, and each one of them is simply unique. Besides BH products, also offers products from Turkey, India, Morocco and some African countries.

They follow trends and fairs, analyze the market and create products that will be sold. The large majority of products are in accordance with their original idea, which represents a great privilege for them.

Another fact that demonstrates their successful work is the fact that “” is recognized brand in Scandinavia for seven years and their traffic is increased every year. According to Samir, Scandinavia is a very demanding market, and their customer is protected by very rigorous legislation.

Sometimes it also happens that people from the former Yugoslavia, who are living in Scandinavia, are interested in the production of products created by “”, but Samir explained that they are not their primary target group.







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