House of Representatives did not accept to define a Border Line between Two Entities


The session of the House of Representatives of the Parliament of the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina ended and the conclusions were adopted, which stated that this House did not accept the invitation of the National Assembly of Republika Srpska to define a “border line”, because, according to Annex II of the General Framework Agreement for Peace of BiH, there is no boundary between the entities, but an inter-entity line that has a purely administrative significance.

The College-initiated Club of the HDZ BiH Coalition did not agree with this conclusion, which suggested that “the House of Representatives should call on representatives of the international community to assist in the process of peacekeeping and constitutional order in BiH,” and the adoption of all solutions that result from dialogue within the framework of the BiH Constitution and European standards. ” In one of the adopted conclusions (the College), the House of Representatives called on “the BiH Parliamentary Assembly to pass laws that would mandate the use of state land by lower administrative and local self-government units.”

They also called on “the High Representative in BiH to sanction all political officials who are or have been involved in breaking the constitutional order, undermining the General Framework Agreement for Peace in BiH and not enforcing the decisions of the Constitutional Court of BiH and the European Court of Human Rights.”


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