Hodzic and Solak may be suspected of Money Laundering and Numerous Abuses in Respirators Case


Respirators paid more than 10 million BAM do not have even the minimum necessary characteristics for adequate treatment of patients in intensive care units, which certainly include those infected with coronavirus.

The conclusion is this after the expert expertise. The information was submitted to the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Therefore, the use of these ventilators in intensive care units is not recommended. The Report of the Court of BiH, published by Klix, suspects Fahrudin Solak and Fikret Hodzic of money laundering and numerous abuses.

The report proves that in the process of procuring 100 respirators, there are grounds for suspicion that several criminal acts were committed, namely association for the purpose of committing criminal acts, abuse of position or authority and money laundering.

In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection (Covid-19), the Federal Civil Protection Staff today repealed the order of April 29 on the distribution of 80 ventilators to cantonal civil protection headquarters, i.e., the cantons in the territory of the Federation.

Federal Government preventively suspended Fahrudin Solak on Tuesday from the position of Director of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Civil Protection Administration until activities initiated in connection with the public procurement process end.

Earlier on May 5th, Fahrudin Solak submitted a request to the Federal Government for a preventive suspension in connection with the public procurement.

Federal Government authorized today the Assistant Director of the FBiH Civil Protection Administration, Mustafa Kadribegovic, to organize all activities and sign all acts within the competence of the director, while the preventive suspension of the director is in force.

Government of the Federation of BiH requested to be provided by 4 p.m. tomorrow with supplementary information on the work of the FBiH Civil Protection Administration (FUCZ) since the adoption of the Decision on declaring the state of emergency caused by a coronavirus in the Federation of BiH entity.

The amendment must cover the implementation of public procurement conducted by FUCZ, including the subject and procedure of procurement, quantity, price, and the name of the supplier and user of purchased equipment, as required by the conclusion of the Government of FBiH on April 30, 2020.

The purchase of 100 respirators by the Government of  Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina from China worth 10.5 million BAM, which will be imported by the company selling raspberries was commented by “Our Party” representative in the Federal Parliament Mirsad Camdzic, news portal reports.

He described this procurement as “the most scandalous since Fadil Novalic headed the Federal Government” and requested that the entire case be examined by the BiH’s Public Procurement Agency:

“These are highly sophisticated and extremely expensive medical equipment, whose market price is much lower than the one at which the Federal Government purchased it. In addition to the Agency having to deal with this, it is necessary for the Federal Prime Minister as soon as possible to inform public about procurement procedures.”

Camdzic asked for an urgent answer to several questions, such as how did they chose the importer, why was nobody involved in the procurement but only the Federal Civil Protection headquarters, who will maintain the respirators?

“We already suspect that on the scene there is profiteering on the side of those who should get us out of this situation as soon as possible. If the doubts are confirmed, this Government no longer deserves any of the cooperation shown so far by opposition representatives and citizens. It becomes part of problems, not part of the solution to the crisis, “emphasized Camdzic. Namely, the Federal Government has bought 100 new respirators, and the importer is a company from Srebrenica that deals with fruit and vegetable processing. Respirators cost 10.5 million BAM, which some say is too high.



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