High Rate of Cure in Children’s Surgery in Sarajevo

July 6, 2018 2:00 PM

The youngest patients from all over BiH are treated on the Children’s Clinic at KCUS, and more than 1,000 surgeries are performed on annual basis. This clinic records a high cure rate thanks to their well-educated staff, the multidisciplinary approach and modern equipment.

According to the Head of Clinic, Doc. Dr. Zlatan Zvizdic, conditions for treatment of the youngest patients were improved since the clinic was moved to new premises at the locality of Jezero.

He noted that they drew special attention on neonatal surgery and treatment of children with birth defects.

“Children with birth defects would be condemned to severe disability without proper surgical treatment, and some of them with more serious defects would probably not even survive. Neonatal surgery at our clinic is very successful because of well-educated staff and great equipment. We have a great Neonatal intensive care for babies up to one month of age on our Pediatric Clinic, as well as Pediatric Intensive Care for one-month-old babies and children up to 18 years of age,” said Dr. Zvizdic.

He also added that children surgery requires a multidisciplinary approach in the process of treatment just like other fields of medicine.

They noted that they are very grateful for the support and understanding of the management of KCUS, which provided a continuing education program for doctors and other medical staff.

Head nurse, Katica Mikulic, DMS, stated that they have more than 90 admissions every month, but thanks to better methods and working conditions, patients are recovering faster and they are quickly released to home treatment.

“We have a very good system. Our patients receive their treatments right after the admission, there are no long stays in the hospital, as it was the case before. Children recover faster when they are surrounded with their families,” said Mikulic.

(Source: klix.ba)





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