Health Workers in Bihac held a Warning Strike: We are working in catastrophic Conditions

The Unions of Doctors of Medicine and Dentistry and independent health workers in the Bihac Health Center held a one and a half hours warning strike to point out the poor working conditions and the fact that their building is unsafe since it was damaged in last year’s earthquake, as well as the impossibility of adequate care for patients in such working conditions.

“We have not yet been offered a specific solution, although we are working in catastrophic conditions for both us and the patients. Immediately after the earthquake on December 29th last year, and great damage to our facility, we organized ourselves in all possible ways and have tolerated such a way of work so far, but it has taken too long, ” said Amel Okanovic, the president of the Trade Union of Doctors of Medicine and Dentistry at the Bihac Health Center.

The services of the Bihac Health Center are currently operating at six work locations. As pointed out, some are forced to do their jobs in the hallways of the damaged facility.

According to the employees, it is impossible to follow the current health and epidemiological measures, given the fact that in the 16-square-meter premises, two doctors and medical staff are working at the same time.

“When we mention the safety aspect, it is enough to see the cracked walls and the damage which was made. Our laboratory is in the hallway, three dentists work on one chair, not to mention that in such conditions we sometimes have more than 100 patients in those hallways, which now serve as offices. Many have visited and given promises to us in the previous period, but no one has done anything concrete yet, ” said the president of the Trade Union of Independent Health Workers at the Bihac Health Center, Ekrem Tutic.

The Minister of Health of the Una-Sana Canton (USC), Nermina Cemalovic, asked for the understanding and help of the union members because, as she says, it is impossible to find a completely satisfactory solution in such a short period.

“Four days ago, a contract was signed for a detailed analysis of the current state of the facility, after which we will definitely know whether we will renovate this one, or eventually build a new building. The deadline for that is 45 days. We also received three offers from the owners of the facilities, which could be a temporary solution, but it is also a long-term process. First, a public call should be announced, and after that, the eventual facility should be adjusted to the needs of the Bihac Health Center. I am aware that the working conditions are difficult and I fully understand many of these requirements, but all we need is a little more patience, time, and understanding “, said Cemalovic.

The representatives of the Trade Unions and the employees of the Bihac Health Center insist on specific moves, which will soon provide them with a safe and adequate working space, which would provide opportunities for unhindered providing of health services to the citizens of Bihac.

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