Health Center Novi grad opened for first Patients

1000_1474891427dom-zdravlja-novi-grad-kumrovec-otvorenje-21092016-jb-011Works on the reconstruction of the Health Center Novi Grad Sarajevo are nearing completion and facility is now open for patients.

Agreement on co-financing was signed in December 2013 and works began in January 2014. The building that was constructed 30 years ago finally got a new and more beautiful look, as well as a better arranged and advanced area for reception of patients and provision of services.

“Health Center will start operating in full capacity within the next month. Regarding exterior arrangement, that is the third stage of works,” said the Director of the Public Institution Health Centers of the Sarajevo Canton Fuad Husić.

This Center will significantly unburden other health centers at the territory of this municipality, given that this is the most populous municipality at the territory of Sarajevo, and the majority of the residents belong to the territory of the Health Center Novi Grad.

Total value of this investment is around 7.2 million BAM.


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