The Head of the EU Delegation to BiH spoke with Premiere Konakovic

January 31, 2017 2:45 PM

lars gunar i konakovicThe Head of the EU Delegation to BiH and EU Special Representative to BiH, Ambassador Lars-Gunnar Wigemark, paid the first official visit to Sarajevo Canton yesterday. Some of the topics for yesterday0’s meeting were the following: health care reform, as a priority in the reform agenda in BiH, with a focus on the essential drug list, the Law on Civil Service and Law on Public Revenues FBiH, functioning of police structures and the appointment of the Police Commissioner and air pollution in Sarajevo Canton.

On this occasion, the Prime Minister Konaković, spoke with Ambassador Wigemark on the situation in these areas, initiated activities, plans and projects as well as factors that influence their enforceability. Moreover, he pointed out that he is very satisfied and that he respects what the Delegation of the EU in BiH does for our country. In addition, he said that the efforts are especially visible in the period following the adoption of the British-German initiative and strong support on its Euro-Atlantic path.

As he said, significant steps were taken towards the fulfillment of the recommendations from the Reform Agenda. Among other things, with the aim to reform of public administration, the Law on Civil Service of CS, and reduction of number of employees in public administration by 500 people were done. Moreover, he also stressed that the following were done as well: a series of laws that contribute to improving the business climate, and continuously support the development of SMEs through credit – guarantee funds and other types of financial assistance, which resulted in 4,000 new employees in the Canton Sarajevo.  In addition, the anti-corruption team of the Government of CS was formed, and its result is already viable and recognized in international circles.

In the context of discussing the adoption of the new list of essential medicines in the CS, Konakovic explained that due to huge losses in its application, that in the period from 2012 to 2015 amounted to about 5 million BAM a year, the amendments were already done made and savings are already measurable and amount to 500,000 to one million BAM per month. He said that the aim of the government is to protect domestic pharmaceutical companies.

Ambassador Wigemark thanked Prime Minister Konaković on an exhaustive report on all topics of yesterday’s meeting and congratulated them on their achievements so far and visible results of the Government of CS. He said that the Delegation of the European Union is available to the Sarajevo Canton in finding the best solutions for the initiated reform processes as well as their harmonization with EU regulations. He pointed out that the role of the cantons in the implementation of the Reform Agenda is very important, and that Canton is a leader in this process.

(source: nap)


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