Haris Softic found a Boy in Germany and returned to Parents

German newspaper “Bild” published a story about Bosnian Haris Softic who is working for DHL and who is the main actor of one positive story.

Namely, he is the one who restored smile on the face of parents who reported the disappearance of the child. Namely, this DHL employee found a three-year-old boy, Maxi, who had disappeared and he quickly returned him to parents.

According to the statement by boy’s mother, Diane D.’s she lost him out of sight for one second, afterwards she could no longer find him. After some minutes, she called the police.

However, while the mother reported this case to the police, Softic had already found the boy. He called the police because the boy did not know the address where he lived, after which this story had a happy ending.

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