What is happening with Adnan Ćatić?

felix1Adnan Ćatić a.k.a. Felix Sturm returned the world champion belt to the Boxing Organization WBA, who stopped the investigation in his case about doping.

In February this year the BiH boxer defeated Fedor Chudinov and became the world champion. According to the rules of this organization, the title must be defended or returned within nine months.

“I am supposed to defend the title by the end of the year, because of the nine months deadline. Since I have to go to a left elbow surgery, I will not be able to do that. That is why I returned the belt,” Ćatić said.

This five time world boxing champion said that this outcome has nothing to do with doping.

“Maybe some people will comment how this is related to doping. I would like to say that the WBA organization rejected all possibilities of doping and stopped the investigation. More information will be available soon,” Ćatić said.


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