Hairdressing Salon in Zenica providing Services for 74 Years

Hairdressing salon in the Marsala Tita Street in Zenica exists since 1946, in a building that was built in the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Although it changed its name several times, hairdressing salon is operating in these premises for almost 75 years.

“Since 1946, this premises were nothing else than a hairdresser salon, both male and female, and it was always like that,” said Director General of the cooperative “Partner” which owns the premises of the hairdressing salon, Smilja Cuvalo – Maric.

Several generations are coming to the hairdresser. The director explained that this starts with a young couple, and goes until they get grandchildren.

“We are styling hair for whole families and generations of families. For example, we are styling the hair of mother and father while they are still ‘in a relationship,’ so then they marry, have children, they bring their children to us, and so these children have children, and they bring them on haircut to us and so on. We’ve been cutting hair for three generations and it constantly goes like that,” said Cuvalo – Maric.

Moreover, students who are studying for a job of hairdresser are often in this salon and thus have the opportunity to see, learn and try the work of hairdressers.

Smilja Cuvalo – Maric says that students have the opportunity to show their interest in the job and gain the necessary experience.

“It’s not the same to just watch and try the moves with scissors. The transfer of knowledge is very important,” said Cuvalo-Maric.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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