Hadzikadic to the International Community: You are talking about the Sovereignty of BiH, but you are doing the complete opposite

The Platform for Progress (PFP) has strongly condemned the unofficial or, as they say, official recycling of historically defeated political conceptions about redrawing the borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) that are coming from the International Community these days.

As they state, the irrational nationalist, secessionist, and hegemonic policies of the neighboring countries, which poison the Bosnian society daily, have certainly contributed to that.

“Redrawing the borders in 21st century in Europe cannot happen peacefully. Everyone must be aware of that, from your high-ranking officials to the political actors of neighboring countries. However, are radical, shocking, and inflammatory statements just a way to make changes to the Election Law acceptable, Law that will not bring us modern values of civil society, but take us back to the time of tribal social relations? It seems that preparations have already been made to do so imperceptibly, which would lead to unforeseeable negative consequences for BiH and the lives of all its citizens, ” was mentioned in the message of this party.

They mention that they warn all political factors operating in the territory of BiH that its citizens will not allow it, and demand from the members of the International Community to act according to their proclaimed public policies.

“It is not enough to express verbal support for the integrity and sovereignty of BiH and to enable the exact opposite with the actions. We remind all actors that the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia and the International Residual Mechanism are currently writing the last paragraphs of the verdicts, defining the scope and degree of responsibility for wars and aggression against BiH. Any initiative, domestic or international, which is contrary to the acquis of these courts, is doomed,” as was emphasized by the PFP.

Finally, they sent a message to call on the international community to follow the declared democratic principles of the countries they come from and demand respect for the same civilizational principles in BiH, from the Election Law to the constitution.

“The European Union (EU) is as strong as its weakest member state. It certainly does not want BiH in its ranks that is based on tribal rights and relations, instead of civil ones. So, why do you tacitly support the concept of a legitimate representative and allow your members to call for redrawing borders of BiH?”, as was concluded by the PFP, Klix.ba writes.


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