AS GROUP: 12 million BAM allocated for the Purchase of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables this year

as-groupThis year, Klas Ltd. Sarajevo purchased 2,000 tons of raspberries, which represents almost 100% increase in comparison to last year. They also purchased 100 tons of other berries, as well as 10 tons of mushrooms. Also, within AS Group which includes Klas, was also purchased about 3,000 tons of various vegetables and 1,500 tons of fruit. The total value of this year’s purchase amounts to 12 million BAM.

“There are great chances for the production and purchase of grain, primarily wheat. Our annual demand for wheat is about 90,000 tons. Our group has needs for primary agricultural products in the amount of 50 million BAM. We previously stated that we are willing to satisfy all our needs by domestic producers,” said Rusmir Hrvic, CEO of AS GROUP.

Hrvic emphasized that a lot more can be done in the field of cereals.

“Here is necessary to engage state institutions that would strategically develop production, together with the farmers, but also companies such as ours. There are huge chances for BiH when it comes to production of healthy food. We are leader in the production of food, we have the quality, capacity and brands. Thus, we believe that conditions for BiH to significantly reduce food imports have finally been created and that we will finally stop being dependent on foreign producers.

Before the war, BiH was largely covering the needs for food from its own resources, and we imported only 20% of its needs. Today we are importing 80% of our total needs, which is more than 2 billion BAM. Imagine what kind of development could be generated if 1 billion BAM would remain in BiH, i.e. if at least half of our food needs would be satisfied from our own resources,” said Hrvic.


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