Greece will donate 120,000 Doses of Vaccine to BiH

Greece will donate 120,000 doses of coronavirus vaccines to Bosnia and Herzegovina, whose manufacturer is "AstraZeneca", it was confirmed from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of BiH.

The decision on the donation was made by the Government of Greece, and this country will ensure their transport to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Transport costs will be borne by the European Civil Protection Mechanism.

The realization of this donation will require the signing of a bilateral agreement between Greece and Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as a trilateral agreement between Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina and AstraZeneca.

This is another in a series of vaccine donations that Bosnia and Herzegovina will receive. Earlier, vaccines were donated to her by Serbia, Croatia, Turkey, China, Malaysia, Hungary and the European Union, and donations from Slovenia, the United States and Denmark were announced.

So far, the Hungarians have donated the most - 200,000 doses of the vaccine from the Chinese manufacturer "Sinofarm".

It has been announced that the United States will donate 500,000 doses of "Pfizer" vaccine, and Denmark is expected to donate a large number of doses of "AstraZeneca" vaccine.

Apart from the fact that Serbia donated several tens of thousands of vaccines, it enabled BH citizens to be vaccinated free of charge in this country, which many of them have done.

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