The Government proposed Budget Rebalance: 107 million BAM from Clearing Debt for Road Construction

At yesterday’s session in Sarajevo, the Government of the FBiH established the Proposal of Decision on Amendments to the Budget of the FBiH for 2017 and the Draft Law on Amendments to the Law on Execution of the Budget of FBiH for 2017.

The Proposal of Amendments to the Budget for 2017 that will be referred to the Parliamentary Procedure in an emergency procedure amounts to a total of 2.692.930.542 BAM, which is 54.7 million or 2 % less than the Budget of the FBiH for 2017.

The crucial reason for the preparation and adoption of the amendments to the Budget for 2017 are unplanned revenues on the basis of funds from the clearing debt of the Russian Federation in the amount of about 72.5 million USD.

Therefore, at its 120th session that was held on September 21, 2017, the Government of FBiH adopted the Information on the initiative for financing infrastructure projects from the accumulated revenues of public enterprises. The Government of FBiH also decided that the funds from the clearing debt in the amount of 107 million BAM will be directed to the improvement of the road infrastructure, thus, the construction of highways and fast roads. Part of these funds, around 7.7 million BAM, will also be directed to the settlement of previous obligations towards agricultural producers.

According to the Draft, the Budget of FBiH for 2018 amounts to 2,875,051,837 BAM, which is by 127, 4 million BAM or 5 % more in comparison to this year. The planned total revenues were increased by the same amount.

The funds for capital investments were also considerably increased, and they amount to 256 million BAM, which represents 10 % of the budget, and thus, the Draft of the Budget for 2018 has a development component as well.

The Government of FBiH will continue to invest in the road infrastructure in 2018 as well, so the Draft of the Budget envisages a total of 183 million BAM to be allocated for the construction of highways and roads.

Also, a total of 12.7 million BAM was planned for the continuation of realization of the project of employment support that is financed by the World Bank, and 2 million BAM is planned for the implementation of the Regulation of employment and self-employment.

(Source: klix.ba)

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