Government of FB&H supported the Initiative for the Construction of the Water Supply “Plava voda“

Government FB&H Session fbihvlada.gov.baAt the yesterday’s session, Government of the FB&H supported the initiative to, by a credit debt in the Development Bank of the Council of Europe (CEP), ensure 11 million EUR for the realization of the Project “Construction of the regional water supply Plava voda“.

Information about the credit of CEB for the realization of this project was accepted, as the basis for the conduction of negotiations.

The Government obliged the Federal Ministry of Finance, Central Bosnia and Zenica-Doboj Canton to name their authorized representatives in the team for negotiations on this credit.

The final decision will be made after the completion of negotiations with CEB, with which the conditions of the credit debt will be established.

According to this credit debt, the ultimate debtors are the Central Bosnia Canton (3.850.000 EUR) and Zenica-Doboj Canton (7.150.000 EUR).

As it was announced by the Office for Public Relations of the Government of the FB&H, Federal Ministry of the Finance will submit he information on negotiations, as well as the text of the agreed Agreement between B&H and CEB, to the Government of FB&H.

(Source: klix.ba)

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