Government of FBiH to allocate 15.2 million BAM for Incentives for the Production of Electricity

March 20, 2017 8:45 AM

Electricity exportThe government of FBiH adopted the Decision by which they determined the total required amount of compensation for encouraging the production of renewable energy sources and efficient cogeneration in 2017 worth 15,247,387 BAM on the emergency telephone session that was held yesterday.

The unit amount of compensation for the encouragement of the production of electricity for this year is of 0.001976 BAM / kWh, without VAT.

Compensation for the promotion of production, which is the product of unit fee and the total consumption of active electricity (Ekk) in kWh, will pay all final customers of electricity in the FBiH and it will be presented as a separate item on the electricity bill.

Funds collected from compensation for stimulation are revenue of Operator for renewable energy sources and efficient cogeneration (OIEiEK) and are used for payment of incentives from guaranteed prices for electricity produced by privileged producers, covering / financing costs of the operator and payment / covering the costs of balancing the electric power system that arose due to imbalance in the values of planned and produced electricity from OIEiEK plants, as noted by the Government.



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