Good People from Bosnia-Herzegovina raised Money for Prothesis for a Migrant who lost both Legs


Twenty-year-old Abdulrahman from Syria, whose legs were cut off during the accident Zvornik, is housed in an apartment where he will stay for as long as he is in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and in the meantime has been paid for the prosthesis.

The young man from Syria was housed in a Zvornik hospital, and after doctors had to release him, neither he nor his brother had to go anywhere. For this reason, with the consent of the Foreign Service and the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the charity organization Pomozi.ba has taken care of them.

In order to help him get protehesis for both legs, they have raised an appeal from Pomozi.ba to raise money.  To this end, the telephone number 17007, unique to all operators, was put into operation by the end of December, but people can also help by donating money on the accounts.

“What happened to this boy is a great tragedy and when we found out about his condition, we promised ourselves that he would leave Bosnia-Herzegovina by walking, and in the meantime, he would get all possible help. We paid for the prostheses for both legs a few days ago and on Friday we rented the apartment. We take this opportunity to thank everyone who made a donation to help this guy who fled Syria’s war-torn country to get killed by a train in faraway Bosnia and Herzegovina,” was stated from the organization.

As a boy, he escaped from war-torn Syria with his brother, and on the road to a better life, suffered a severe accident in Bosnia-Herzegovina. In Zvornik, a train crashed his legs on the railway, which caused him to have both amputations below his knees.

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