Trough the GOLD Project, Employment of 300 Persons in Teslic possible

February 19, 2015 11:00 AM

teslicAs part of the Project of the Improvement of Local Development (GOLD) which is jointly implemented by the American Agency for International Development (USAID) and Swedish International Agency for the Development and Cooperation (SIDA), a contract between the companies “Skrebic company“ and “Interlignum“ from Teslic and Christopher Donahoe, has been signed in Teslic.

The signing of the protocol between the director of the GOLD project and the representatives of companies “Interlignum“ and “Skrebic company“ is worth 25.000 BAM and it implies two things, in the case of “Skrebic company“ it refers to the introduction of the fire prevention and fire protection standard, and in the case of “Interlignum“ it refers to the help in the promotion, marketing and promotional materials development.

“The essence of the project is linking the private and public, therefore Municipal Administration and the private sector,  that means those dealing with the trade and economy and those who employ. That connection and the help   with all activities related to the ultimate goal, i.e. increasing the number of employees is the major goal of this project“, said Milicevic.

Milicevic explained that until the end of the GOLD  project, and that is 2017 year, goal is to employ 5.000 people from BiH, and how much will it be in every municipality depends on the Development Agencies of those municipalities and project itself.

“If 300 out of these 500 workplaces will be achieved, we will be more than satisfied“, concluded Milicevic.



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