Glamour on the red Carpet of the first Night of the 23rd SFF

Numerous celebrities from the public life of our country, region and the entire world looked magnificent in the creations of domestic and international designers at the opening ceremony of the 23rd Sarajevo Film Festival in front of the National Theater in Sarajevo.

One of the beautiful ladies in glamorous combinations was the attractive jazz singer Lena Kovacevic, daughter of our most famous drama writer, Dusan Kovacevic.

On the red carpet was also popular Croatian actress Jelena Veljaca.

Croatian actor Goran Bogdan said that he is extremely pleased to be a member of the jury of this year’s festival and he is proud that Sarajevo is growing more and more every year with this festival.

Nijaz Hastor, one of the richest citizens in our country and the owner of ASA Prevent Group was on the red carpet together with his wife. Prime Minister of the CS Elmedin Konakovic, Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka, and many other politicians, actors, directors and numerous cultural workers also attended the opening ceremony of this year’s festival.

(Source: Dz. C./Klix.ba)

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