Germany’s Contribution to the Sarajevo Film Festival

ambasadaSarajevo Film Festival on 16th August begins with the film “Epizoda u život berača željeza” of Danis Tanović, which in February at the International Film Festival in Berlin won the Grand Prix Award.

The film, which will open the festival, connects the Festival of Berlin and Sarajevo in a symbolical way, two festivals that for years have been closely cooperating.

The result of this cooperation is the participation of German film experts in the project  Talent Campus of Sarajevo Film Festival talents. The travel expenses for three German experts: Gabriele Brunnenmeyer, Ula Stöckland and Markus Kuballa will be covered by German Embassy in Sarajevo, announced the German Embassy in B&H.

In addition, the German Embassy on 24th August will financially supportClosing Drink“. At the end of the official program of the festival and the award winners and filmmakers, movie stars, sponsors and the media will once again have the opportunity to share their impressions in an informal atmosphere of the festival and to establish new contacts for the up-coming festival of next year.

Sarajevo Film Festival is one of the most successful cultural events in South-East Europe and the unique opportunity to show to the international audience a fascinating cultural energy and creativity of  Sarajevo.

The German Embassy thanked the organizers of the festival and wishes to all  friends of the film inspiring days in the city with a variety of films, including 25 German film co-productions.

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