German EMKA officially took over the BH Company Bekto Precisa

April 10, 2018 9:00 AM

The company EMKA from Germany officially took over the company Bekto Precisa from Gorazde, which was officially confirmed by signing a contract in the Government of the FBiH.

The protocol on the sale of the ownership part in Bekto Precisa Ltd. Gorazde to the German company EMKA Beschlageteile GmbH & CO was signed in the presence of the Prime Minister of the FBiH in the headquarters of the Government of the FBiH in Sarajevo.

This company from Gorazde became a member of the EMKA Group with this protocol, which was signed by the owner of the German company Friedhelm Runge and, on behalf of Bekto Precisa, Redzo Bekto.

Before the act of signing, Prime Minister Novalic stated that the Government of the FBiH is preparing several major changes that are aimed at facilitating the foreign investments. Among them are new laws on contributions and income taxes, whose application will largely facilitate the burden for businessmen.

The company EMKA already has a branch office in Gorazde, and it operates as EMKA Bosnia. It is engaged in the field related to metal and plastic products, assemblies for the electrical industry, automotive industry etc.

It is a partner of several large world car manufacturers. A total of 95 % of its products are exported to the European market and it is among the largest exporting companies in BiH.



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