Gamma Strain of Coronavirus discovered in BiH

The gamma strain of cornavirus, known as “Brazilian”, was confirmed in a foreign citizen who resided in Herzegovina.

Information for confirmed by prof. Teufik Goletic, head of the laboratory for molecular genetic and forensic tests at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Sarajevo.

Goletic said that the gamma strain was positive and was a sample taken on July 5 from a foreign citizen residing in Herzegovina, and that he submitted it to them from the Department of Microbiology and Molecular Diagnostics at the University Clinical Hospital Mostar.

Prof. Goletic says that the gamma strain was first discovered in Japan by a Brazilian citizen.

“The gamma strain is one of the variable strains that causes concern. It shows less sensitivity to therapy and certainly all this further complicates the situation in BiH, but also in the world. The combination of delta and gamma must draw the attention of the authorities to the fact that we need to take these problems more seriously “, explains prof. Teufik Goletic, BHRT writes.

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