Future Heritage Collection Until October 12th

future heritageCitizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the citizens of Europe and the world who are currently visiting Sarajevo, are invited to participate in the creation of the “Future Heritage Collection”.

Therefore, we need the active participation of citizens who are willing to become collectors of their own cultural heritage and to bring us their contributions for the “Future Heritage Collection”, a collection without political or national filter. Anyone can contribute to the collection and bring in objects: these could be recognizable objects of art and culture, but also objects of everyday life, household goods, furniture, items of clothing, handicraft, books, poems… These items will be collected, displayed, photographed, and cataloged during the International Theater Festival MESS, and then returned to their owners.

The collection can be seen in the gallery Java on the address Maršala Tita 21.


(Source: Sarajevotravel)



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