Fule: No Need for Sanctions on B&H

BOSNIA-EU-BALKANS-SUMMITThe high-level meeting will continue on 10th October, announced the European Commissioner for Enlargement Štefan Füle yesterday in Brussels.

At the meeting, Füle read the conclusions signed by members of the meeting. Among the conclusions is one that applies for the election of members of the Presidency of B&H to be elected by direct election two will be elected from the Federation and one from the RS.

The implementation on the judgment SejdićFinci” is not yet finalized, but they had a productive discussion that led to a set of conclusions that will serve as guidelines for politicians in B&H.

Participants of the meeting agreed that on 10th October they will arrive in Brussels with concrete solution for the implementation of the case SejdićFinci”, as well as with a solution for efficient and effective coordination mechanism.

“What is signed today for me is enough to not initiate any process of stopping IPA funds to B&H”, said Fule.


(Source: Fena)

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