Freight Train hit a man from Afghanistan in Sarajevo

A freight train hit a man from Afghanistan in the town of Donji Hadzici, Sarajevo municipality of Hadzici, whose initials are E.A., it was announced from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Sarajevo Canton.

Police were informed yesterday at 3:45 PM that the train hit a person from Afghanistan, who suffered severe bodily injuries, a fracture of his right shoulder.

The injured person was given medical assistance at the University Clinical Center in Sarajevo.

The freight train, which is owned by “FBiH Railways”, was driven by train drivers whose initials are T.B. and E.A.

The duty prosecutor of the Sarajevo Cantonal Prosecutor’s Office was informed about everything. The investigation was conducted by police officers of the Sarajevo Canton Ministry of Interior Police Directorate, who are continuing to work on documenting the said event.

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