Free Internet in Bratunac, Milići and Vlasenica

internet-300x300In municipalities Bratunac, Milići and Vlasenica the realization of mini-project of introducing free Internet has begun, as well as the opening of schools for foreign languages in municipality Srebrenica. The mini-project is being realized by the regional team for development and running of the projects, with the support of the Center for Civil Initiative (CCI).

The project coordinator at CCI, Ljubinko Đurić, told Srna that the mentioned mini-project is being realized as part of the umbrella project “Reconciliation and Development of Community-Participatory Democratic Development in Four Municipalities of the Region of Birač 2011-2013″, or the project component “Participation of Citizens in Process Making”, whose main executor is the organization ‘Karitas”.

Đurić explained that the holder of the project is municipality Srebrenica, and that partners in the project are CCI and the Women’s Association “Priroda” from Bratunac, and the financer is the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

“Four targeted municipalities are co-financing the project with 2.000 KM, provided by the SDC. In this way in Milići, Bratunac and Vlasenica in the metropolitan area, students and all others who are interested would be provided with a free Internet connection’’, said Đurić.

He said that in the operational realization of the project, tenders and procurement of the equipment would begin at the end of August, and that at the beginning of September there would be free Internet.

Đurić said that for this area, a project for the development of the raising of goats is planned, which plans to improve livestock production.

(Source: Nezavisne Novine)

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