Four Prime Ministers sent a symbolic Peace Message from the Old Bridge

Chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH, Denis Zvizdic, and three prime ministers of countries-important partners of BiH – Alexis Tsipras, Zoran Zaev and Dusko Markovic, sent a peace message from the Old Bridge with the desire for development of cooperation between the regional countries.

The  official ceremony of signing the Mostar Peace Charter, and the awarding of the traditional “Mostar Peace Connection” and “Mimar of Peace” award, which is traditionally awarded by the Center for Peace and Multi-ethnic Cooperation from Mostar, was held last night in Mostar. After a ceremony at the Old Bridge, delegates went to the courtyard of Koski Mehmed Pasha’s mosque, while Alexis Tsipras shortened his official visit to our country due to large fires in Greece.

The Prime Minister of Macedonia, Zoran Zaev, congratulated Prime Minister Tsipras and Prime Minister Markovic on the “Mostar Peace Charter”, which he received last year.

“This award has a great importance because it shows the trust of the organizers, and we send a strong message with our presence on this beautiful event that celebrates the peace. We are promoting the fact that a leader should overcome all prejudices and become a bridge, thus connecting with other leaders who want good for their citizens,” noted Zaev.

Zaev also added that leaders and countries are connected by a joint future in this area.

The Prime Minister of Montenegro, Dusko Markovic, stated that he is proud of signing the “Charter of Peace”, especially since his predecessor Djukanovic was the first winner.

Chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH, Denis Zvizdic, stated that their gathering represents message of peace, stability, regional and good neighbourly cooperation and mutual respect.

“This event, as well as charters that I will award to my dear friends, represent the opening of new doors to the future. The future is here for the young generations, the prosperity of BiH and the entire Western Balkans,” stated Denis Zvizdic.

(Source: R. D./Klix.ba, Photo: Fena/Mario Obrdalj)


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